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IIoT Technology, Data Collection, and the Future of Industry 4.0

This report explores the challenges that are holding organizations back from completing the initial stages of their smart manufacturing implementations and what lessons organizations have learned from their progress toward Industry 4.0 maturity. In reading this paper, you’ll also learn how leaders are adapting to these new business concepts, how data capture can help in the organization’s transformation into an Industry 4.0 company, and what tools will be necessary for the manufacturing industry to continue to innovate and grow.

Connected Manufacturing Forum Innovation Briefing - April 2019

See our second industry 4.0 innovation briefing of 2019!

Connected Manufacturing Forum 2019 Director's Report

In this Director's Report, we discuss the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies, and how these are shaping the industry. We also deep dive into the industry drivers, challenges, opportunities, and what happens if market leaders fail to adopt the latest smart and connected manufacturing practices.

Connected Manufacturing Forum Innovation Briefing - February 2019

See how major manufacturers are implementing the newest technologies that enhance their processes on a grand scale. All new for 2019!

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