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July 29 - 30, 2019

Hilton Austin, Austin, TX

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The Director's Report: Field Service 2017

Fifteen or so years ago, service departments operated as cost centers whose greatest challenges were managing productivity, the efficiency of their service reps, and reducing costs. Since then, manufacturing markets have changed so that service has become a driver for both revenue and customer satisfaction. Service departments are now the primary, competitive differentiation for OEM brands.          Now, as they develop a functional relationship with sales and marketing teams, service reps have the lead customer-facing role in terms of driving both revenue and customer satisfaction for the business. Read this report for more of an in-depth analysis. Click on the thumbnail to download the report!

Unlocking the Field Service Supply Chain

As the customer experience becomes increasingly linked to the field service supply chain, service organizations are looking internally, optimizing and integrating back-end systems and processes in order to improve all lines of business. This 2017 Field Service Fall benchmark report identifies the connections between customer satisfaction and back-end operations that provide visibility into customer habits and revenue opportunities. Access this report to improve supply chain management and streamline your organization for exceptional service. Click on the image to the left to download now!

[Whitepaper] The Challenges Facing District Managers

For many organizations, District Managers play a vital role, serving as the all-important intermediary between corporate offices and individual stores or branches. As some of the most important field leaders, engaged, empowered District Managers can be a critical asset to an organization. On the other hand, ineffective field leaders and high turnover at that position can limit an organization’s ability to translate strategy into reality. Field Service teamed up with Square Root on a new benchmark report that uncovers the biggest challenges District Managers are facing. The report includes proprietary data from surveys of more than 900 District Managers, interviews with influential corporate leaders, and actionable insights. Click on the image at left to download this exclusive report!

Training and Outfitting the Tech of the Future: an Astea Report

Featuring the insight of four leading service executives representing several industries, this Astea sponsored report brings the thought leadership of the Field Service faculty to your desktop. Focused on the tech of the future, the report covers: - Creating a customer facing, sales enabled service force - Where the role of the tech will evolve along with technology - Best practices for first time fix and preventative maintenance Click the image to the left to download your copy!

Keeping Pace with Service Technology: How Mobile and the Rise of Big Data are Changing Everything

Technology continues to shape the service industry, with most respondents reporting that they have made the transition to “mobile-first” strategies. Along with an increasing emphasis on mobile, major growth in the availability of data is allowing service organizations to focus on technology components like machine learning, Big Data analytics, and a predictive maintenance paradigm that envisions an end to the break/fix service model.

Field Service Mobility: Learn How to Improve Your Field Service Performance

Field service is at the convergence of many different technology trends, including Big Data, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), and even augmented reality. As such, the business of delivering field service is becoming more complex. By 2020, there will be nearly 1 billion IoT devices in the field. How should field service businesses prepare for these new technology trends? Field Service Mobility: Learn How to Improve Your Field Service Performance is based on recommendations by industry experts who participated in the 2017 Field Service Mobility webinar.Click on the image to the left to download now!

Field Service 2017 Attendee List

Who will you be meeting and learning from at Field Service Amelia Island? Download the 2017 attendee list here!

An SFG℠ Analysts Take: Lessons Learned from WBR’s 2017 Field Service Fall Conference

There were a great many lessons to be learned about field service and customer support so far in 2017 due to a number of factors, including responses to multiple natural disasters (i.e., hurricanes, floods and earthquakes); evolving patterns of customer needs, requirements and expectations (i.e., as a result of the introduction and proliferation of new technologies); a changing competitive landscape (e.g., the consolidation and/or acquisition of many of the “traditional” Field Service Management (FSM) solution providers, as well as the influx of many new start-ups); and so on.

Connected Manufacturing Forum 2018 Innovation Briefing

This report aims to provide you with perspective on how major manufacturers are implementing technologies that enhance their processes on a grand scale.

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