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Connected Manufacturing Forum Innovation Briefing - April 2019

See our second industry 4.0 innovation briefing of 2019!

The Advanced Manufacturing Center

In an effort to accelerate manufacturing innovation, Ford Motor Company has brought advanced engineering expertise and technology together in a single location - an incubator for prototypes, before tested innovations can be rolled out to auto plants across the globe. The 135,000-square-foot facility was opened in the summer of 2018. Read the rest of the report, download it now!

The Manufacturer’s Guide to Digital Transformation

There is a growing skills gap and talent shortage in the workforce. Environmental sustainability has become imperative for manufacturing customers. Fortunately, advances in technology give us the opportunity to impact our people, society, and planet for good. Manufacturers globally are being disrupted and moving from making products to delivering products-as-a-service. To compete and grow, manufacturing companies need to shift their focus from engineering and production to customer outcomes.

Connected Manufacturing Forum 2019 Director's Report

In this Director's Report, we discuss the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies, and how these are shaping the industry. We also deep dive into the industry drivers, challenges, opportunities, and what happens if market leaders fail to adopt the latest smart and connected manufacturing practices.

Connected Manufacturing Forum Innovation Briefing - February 2019

See how major manufacturers are implementing the newest technologies that enhance their processes on a grand scale. All new for 2019!

Connected Manufacturing Forum 2018 Innovation Briefing

This report aims to provide you with perspective on how major manufacturers are implementing technologies that enhance their processes on a grand scale.

AT&T Special Report: Realizing the Factory of the Future in Manufacturing

Innovation is paramount in modern manufacturing, but even the most ambitious manufacturers struggle with the technology, infrastructure, and executive support they need to realize their goals. Now, manufacturers are navigating how investments, training, and new technology will help them overcome daily challenges and realize ROI. In this Connected Manufacturing Forum 2018 Industry Report, senior leadership at SMB-to-enterprise sized manufacturers share their top priorities and pain points for revenue and technology investments, future objectives, and concerns for the stability and growth of their organizations.

Infographic: Three Stages to IoT Adoption in Manufacturing

Creating the ‘factory of the future’ today is possible through innovations in IoT and new emerging tech. This infographic features three stages to begin adoption of IoT in manufacturing.