Connected Manufacturing Forum 2019

July 29 - 30, 2019

Hilton Austin, Austin, TX

Amy Meyer

Vice President – Technical Services
Kohler Co

Day 2 – July 30, 2019

10:00 AM Panel: Bringing Scalable Interoperability and Agility to Legacy Systems

The technology of yesterday is struggling to support today’s operational reality and poses a serious challenge: on the one hand, upper management understandably wishes to achieve maximum ROI on the existing infrastructure that entailed big capital expenditures in the not-so-far past and, in many cases, haven’t yet reached its peak of depreciation. On the other hand, certain legacy systems cannot be retrofitted to fully support Industry 4.0 innovation and, therefore, halt progress and diminish your competitive advantage. Is there a way out?

This panel session explores various practices in selecting and qualifying IoT and data analytics partners that can help you in your legacy systems retrofitting efforts and deliver smooth automation and data flow and exchange across your enterprise:

- Identifying critical success factors before a new supplier is deemed acceptable 
- Making sound vendor selection decisions through efficient cross-functional group collaboration to develop universal supplier qualification/disqualification criteria
- Understanding which solution brings the most value to your operation
- Following a structured approach to overcome integration and interoperability issues of legacy and distributed systems 

1:40 PM Panel Interactive: Automation and Robotics: Reshaping The Way Things Are Made

Are you considering injecting automation and robotics in your production processes to position yourself well for the future? This panel discussion will help you explore the reasons behind the “rise of robots” and opportunities presented by the new forms of human-machine interaction:

- Complementing your production processes with automated autonomous robots to fix and prevent processing mistakes
- Adding safety and preventing employee injuries while guaranteeing accuracy and precision of the performed job
- Leveraging robotics to optimize your assets, reduce overtime and increase productivity
- Delivering operational cost savings (energy consumption, optimal resource utilization, etc.)

2:20 PM Panel Interactive: Automation and Robotics: Reshaping The Way Things Are Made

Networking opportunity: Benchmark robotics automation best practices and pressing challenges in small working groups in response to a question/challenge posed by the panel moderator.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Amy.

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