Jesper Toubol, VP Elements and Moulds at LEGO

Jesper Toubol

VP Elements and Moulds

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Day One – Emerging from Pilot Purgatory to Realize Full Scale Implementation

Monday, August 31st, 2020

1:50 PM Keynote: Proving the ROI: Selling the Benefits of Industry 4.0 Roll Outs to the C-Suite for Investment

While top executives intrinsically know digitalization will improve processes, reduce costs and ultimately increase revenue, many are loath to invest in it heavily, pressing their teams for fast ROI and immediate hard benefits. But how do you measure opportunities lost from failure to move quickly enough as competitors eclipse you? Will you ever be able to catch up? Passionate about this topic, Jesper will share his considerable Industry 4.0 experience on convincing the c-suite to bolster investment by:

•Putting on your sales hat to convince executives of the intangibles such as competitive-edge erosion and fear of obsolescence
•Using your pilot programs intelligently to achieve significant wins in key areas of your operation that are important to executive management
•Clearly outlining the deliverables and milestones you should hit that will convince the c-suite to finance full implementation

3:50 PM Panel: To Pilot or Not to Pilot: Arguments for and Against Skipping the Beta Stage

Some argue technology is evolving too rapidly to allow for lengthy (and costly) pilot programs. Manufacturer pilot programs are often too complex and last too long -- 56% run pilots lasting 1 to 2 years, according to research by the World Economic Forum:

-What are the pros and cons of skipping the beta stage and going straight to implementation?
-Which use-cases are ideal for skipping the pilot stage and which are likely to require a beta program first?
-If pilots are necessary, what is the best way to structure and manage them so they do not become excessively lengthy and can be more readily scaled for implementation.

Day Two – Building an Agile Organization, the Vital Foundation for Digital Transformation Success

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020

2:00 PM Interactive Roundtables

Join 10-12 “industry high fliers” for facilitated roundtable discussions.
(Select two 30-minute roundtables)

•Exploring Edge Computing to Reduce Latency and Costs
(Moderated by -Josef Kriegmair, Representative Production Turbine Blade/ Structure Castings, MTU Aero) 

•Using AI for Better Forecasting

•Digital Twin – How to Optimize Real-World Implementation and Create “What If” Scenarios 
(Moderated by Jesper Toubol, Vice President Elements and Moulds, LEGO)

•Transforming Big Data into Actionable Insights
( Lloyd Colgrove, Data Services Director, Dow Chemical Company) 

•Adopting Open IoT Architecture to Enable More Seamless and Secure Data Sharing

•Permeating Rigid Organizational Structures With Diversity of Thought, Skills & Competency for Industry 4.0 Success

•Working with Innovative Tech Start-Ups to Fill the White Spaces in Your Digital Blueprint