Phillip Krotz

Principal Project Manager
Collins Aerospace

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Day One – Emerging from Pilot Purgatory to Realize Full Scale Implementation

Monday, August 31st, 2020

3:50 PM Panel: To Pilot or Not to Pilot: Arguments for and Against Skipping the Beta Stage

Some argue technology is evolving too rapidly to allow for lengthy (and costly) pilot programs. Manufacturer pilot programs are often too complex and last too long -- 56% run pilots lasting 1 to 2 years, according to research by the World Economic Forum:

-What are the pros and cons of skipping the beta stage and going straight to implementation?
-Which use-cases are ideal for skipping the pilot stage and which are likely to require a beta program first?
-If pilots are necessary, what is the best way to structure and manage them so they do not become excessively lengthy and can be more readily scaled for implementation.