Connected Manufacturing Forum 2019

July 29 - 30, 2019

Hilton Austin, Austin, TX

Sibylle Buettner, Director of Operations at TE Connectivity
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Sibylle Buettner

Director of Operations
TE Connectivity

Day One – July 29, 2019

11:20 AM Panel Mergers & Acquisitions: Achieving The Goal Of Process Standardization

The digitalization of the manufacturing floor is not an easy task to begin with, but you are in double-trouble if your organization just got bought out or is in the process of acquiring another company – it inevitably adds to the complexity of transformation challenges and creates extra steps to climb on your path to Industry 4.0 success.

Join our panelists for a walk-through of their recent M&A lessons learned and unanticipated things you probably haven’t yet considered but should be on the lookout for. Hands-on recommendations focus on:

- Succeeding in undergoing  a significant infrastructure change and achieving systems interoperability across all facilities
- Driving the universal adoption of Industry 4.0 strategy and cultural change across all locations
- Making sure your cross-functional teams can clearly communicate across the globe
- Warranting regulatory compliance throughout the M&A process

2:50 PM Fireside Chat: OT vs IT – Who Should Be Spearheading Your Digital Transformation?

As the fourth industrial revolution is picking up pace, the convergence of IT and OT is quickly becoming a necessity, and Industry 4.0 frontrunners are starting to rethink their organizational structures to bring the IT and OT teams together in order to reap the benefits of improved decision-making and operational excellence. However, a lot of industrial organizations still fall victim to the organizational silos and an ongoing battle between IT and OT. Which side are you on? 

Join Sibylle for her takeaways on: 

  • Which unit – IT or OT – is best suited to drive the Industry 4.0 strategy and investment decisions? 
  • Which unit has a better grasp of the manufacturing ecosystem and more experienced talent to implement new technologies? 

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Sibylle.

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